Founded in December of 2009, Manifest Northwest Recordings is a netlabel based in Portland, OR (USA). Our mission - provide the the world with top shelf, weapons grade techno, equally suited for the dancefloor or your personal audio collections. Every release is provided free of charge under a creative commons license.

Latest Release: MNW012

Demo Policy:
  • All tracks will be released in MP3 format encoded at 320kbps, however you may submit your music in any format of your choosing.
  • All music is released free of charge under a creative commons license. We are a not-for-profit netlabel.
  • There are no contracts here at Manifest Northwest, however it is asked that all tracks remain exclusive to the label. While this cannot be strictly enforced, it is appreciated.
  • The primary focus of this label is on high quality techno music suitable for the dancefloor. Please keep this in mind when submitting your demo.
  • You may submit your tracks using any method you prefer (Soundcloud, MySpace, YouTube, Mediafire, etc.), but please note that we will not accept submissions via email without prior authorization.